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  • A closed resonance device was chosen, with a diameter of 70 cm wide, so that the child would not feel suffocated, and the mother could hug the child during the MRI.
  • During the examination, the child puts headphones on his ear to protect him from the noise of the examination. Also, any music or cartoons can be played according to the child’s desire.
  •  There is an anesthesia device compatible with the magnetic resonance device, which allows easy examinations under anesthesia, and this was not easily available in Alexandria


  • 16  sections
  • It allows performing all CT scans, including heart tests, which need a fast imaging device, with the possibility of conducting tests also under anesthesia
  • Export protocols are used that use the lowest possible radiation dose while maintaining image quality


  • We were keen to choose a digital radiograph (DR) device that is characterized by the quality of the current images and the speed of data transfer

Ultrasound scanning

  • The latest Ultrasound scanning device
  • We were keen to provide a small accompanying device that heats up the gel used during the examinations so that the child does not feel cold during the examination