According to the “World Health Organization” an estimated


newborns die before reaching 4 weeks of age due to congenital disorders and associated complications around the world each year which is not a small percentage.


Nile of Hope Hospital officially opened on February 22, 2022, to be the first charity hospital specialized in pediatric surgery for congenital anomalies in Egypt and Africa, based on development and scientific research.
In recent years, many congenital diseases have spread, which are the most difficult to treat and follow up, especially cases that require precise surgical interventions.
The hospital provides integrated and holistic healthcare services for children with congenital anomalies, from initial diagnosis to complex surgeries and continuous follow-up from the age of one day to 18 years

Vision & Mission

Our Mission Providing medical, surgical, and rehabilitation treatment for children with congenital anomalies and chronic diseases, and following them up until they reach a healthy condition that enables them to be fully functioning members of society, through a medical, administrative, and social team with the highest levels of specialization in their respective fields, and free of charge
Our Vision To pioneer the pediatric surgery for congenital anomalies field in Egypt and the entire region and for Nile of Hope branches to spread along the Nile River in the heart of Africa



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Nile of Hope Hospital cares about voluntary work among young people, creating the concept of humanitarian service where volunteers do an unrequited effort for their community. Therefore, volunteers are willing to contribute and bear the responsibility to provide social care.

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