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The Aim of The Fetal Medicine Unit​


Routine scan of the fetus in the second month of pregnancy in order to diagnose if there are any congenital differences or genetic diseases. Detection of intermediate congenital differences in the fifth and sixth months of pregnancy.


There are three diagnostic methods where 2D, 3D, or 4D sonar is used. Some cases are diagnosed by taking a sample of the placenta at 3 months, taking a sample of amniotic fluid at 5 months, or taking blood sample from the fetus at 4 months.


Some congenital differences need surgical intervention in the uterus, such as blood transfusion for a fetus suffering from anemia, and some cases need catheters or drainage tube to be inserted


Some cases require close monitoring in the Fetal Medicine Unit in case they require immediate surgical intervention at the time of birth such as congenital differences in the heart.