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Cardiac Care Unit

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Congenital diseases represent 26% from the under-five mortality rate.

Congenital heart diseases represent about one third from the congenital diseases where it is the most common type of congenital diseases with a percent of one in every 100 live births.

Studies showed that from every 1000 live births, 5.4 needs an early cardiac intervention before reaching 6 months.

Therefore, early detection and treatment of congenital heart disease will save thousands of children lives. Hence, Nile of Hope Hospital aspires to be the cornerstone to preserve the lives of Egyptian children through immediate and rapid interventions through accommodating advanced expertise in pediatric cardiovascular medicine and surgery, as well as training, education and research at the African level by equipping an integrated unit to perform cardiac catheterization and open-heart surgeries for children

Target population

Children from birth to 18 years of age, both sexes, who suffer from congenital heart diseases.