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Why you Should Donate to Nile of Hope Hospital

Why Nile of Hope Hospital?

Doctors usually find difficulty treating advanced pediatric congenital anomalies (birth defects) cases, and parents always find difficulty paying for their children’s surgeries and treatment. So here comes the role of “Nile of Hope Hospital” which is a nonprofit hospital for pediatric surgeries and congenital anomalies. The hospital is relying on donations and located in Alexandria, Egypt.

Reasons why you should donate to Nile of Hope Hospital

1- Pediatric congenital anomalies surgeries are not only difficult but also very expensive. In NOH everything that is provided for a child is free of charge no matter how much it costs.

2- Toughest medical cases have the priority to be cured unlike other hospitals.

3- The hospital accepts all kinds of donations even if someone is donating an art design using his/her skills, so if you are a student who doesn’t have money but you’re skilled then you’re more than welcome to donate a design for the hospital and of course you will receive credit for your work.

4- The hospital has a follow up system with donors when a donor donates money the MCC team keeps the donor updated about how the money helped the patients.

5- Doctors are using advanced medical devices and equipment to achieve the desired results through continuous development.

6- Donations are directed to the child’s health whether his/her psychological or physical health to ensure that every child is protected and healthy.

7- No child deserves to be left behind, so the hospital’s aim was to cure 21 different specialized pediatric congenital anomalies type, but now they are treating 32 pediatric congenital anomalies specialization.

8- There is an updated development plan to ensure progress in the hospital this plan is including open heart and heart catheterization operations.
9- The hospital has one of the most important units which is the fetal medicine unit to discover congenital anomalies in pregnant women bombs. There are three diagnostic methods where 2D, 3D, or 4D sonar is used. There is therapeutic intervention using amniotic fluid sample to cure the fetal before birth.

In Nile of Hope hospital each and every member working in the hospital has an essential role, like bees in their beehive, united to make the hospital a continuous nile of hope.

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